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Budgeting Revolutionized: Planning for tomorrow has never been easier & more accurate than it is today.

Automate your budgeting, forecasting, and planning with our integrated business intelligence solution designed to handle rapid change easily and deliver unparalleled accuracy.

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Make Budgeting Easier

7 Must-Have Strategies To Make Budgeting & Planning Easier

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Take Control of Your Budgeting

Automate Top Down & Bottom Up Approach

Synoptix incorporates the best of these two processes using Top-Down corporate strategic executive goals, coupled with the ability to operationally manage and adjust projections, using pertinent field knowledge of customer strategies and critical business drivers. The understanding of how business drivers affect one another is vital in decision-making.

Provide Flexibility With Increased Accuracy

Synoptix’ Budgeting allows you to quickly and easily change your budgets on-the-fly with unquestionable accuracy. Studies show that using an innovative solution, like ours, increases accuracy by 85%.

Synoptix was built for changing times – including those of global economic uncertainty. Many organizations have been forced to scrap their annual budgets, which took months to build, for entirely new ones.

Save Time & Money

Synoptix simplifies data collection and merging to save you time and money. Customers report reducing their budgeting and forecasting times by 70% when using Synoptix Budgeting. This saves companies countless dollars by freeing up their teams to manage their data, rather than waste time trying to find it or create it.

Our solution allows you to quickly and easily measure team performance and better understand what drives profitability across all lines of your business.

Control & Simplify The Process

Synoptix provides the look and feel of a spreadsheet, but eliminates the manual labor, human errors, and delays involved in creating and maintaining budgets within Excel.

As your organization grows, budgeting becomes more complex and harder to manage. And while many businesses rely heavily on spreadsheets for their planning process, spreadsheets can’t simplify the budgeting process. They only add complexity and errors.

Streamline Collaboration

Synoptix breaks down information silos and aligns planning across your entire business with our enhanced collaboration technology.

In the past, companies have spent countless hours trying to coordinate between different departments and navigate competing interests. Now teams can create their budgets, involve more decision-makers, track approvals, and improve accuracy and communication across the board.

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Why is Synoptix Budgeting Better?

You Can:

Enhance Insights

With all of your data integrated within Synoptix, you have greater insight into the significance your metrics have on your budget. You automatically get dashboarding and reporting tools out of the box, providing a big picture view of the health of your organization, along with robust analysis of where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Market conditions and competitor pressures are forcing companies to accelerate their budgeting and forecasting processes, along with their decision making, to provide more accurate and significant information faster than before.

Mitigate Risk

Switching between multiple platforms and working in spreadsheets can easily lead to mistakes. Your whole budget could be destroyed with an incorrect formula or simple data entry error. Synoptix Budgeting has built-in controls and ensures data accuracy.

Provide Deployment Flexibility

Synoptix provides the ability to use our software either in the Cloud or on-premise. You get to decide what makes the most sense for your organization. Either way, you get the same robust functionality and superior user experience.

Unify Data & Utilize Spreadsheets

Synoptix Budgeting allows you to connect directly to any data source, including your spreadsheet(s), ensuring none of your previous planning is lost, and giving you a single source of truth.

Plan What-If Scenarios

See the impact of your decisions before making them. You can generate multiple scenarios and visualize the results of each potential outcome.

Visualize Data Real-Time

All of your data, no matter the source, is refreshed in real-time giving you the accurate insights you need to make the best decisions for your company.

Reforecast Easily

Present new forecasts based on more accurate or pertinent market data to best determine the financial impact on your business, including cash flow projections and financial status.

Improve Communication & Collaboration

Communicate and sync live across your entire organization without leaving your desk.

Automate Workflow

Ensure process visibility, automation, and tracking to make your budgeting and planning easier.

Increase Financing Options

Accurate budgeting gives lending institutions confidence in the organization and its leaders. This assurance helps reduce risk and makes getting funding easier at the lowest possible interest rate.

The Competition is 53% Better. Take Back Your Edge.

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Using the older, more manual styles of budgeting, whereby results are adjusted by percentage, or departments “over budget” to be safe, provide too many inaccuracies and very little insight into changing market conditions.

Companies who’ve adopted a more meaningful and innovative solution, like Synoptix, have been shown to have a 53% competitive advantage.

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See how Synoptix’s Financial Planning & Analysis can transform the way you view, budget & run your organization:

  • Empower your team with real-time visibility into all of your data for the best decisions.
  • Connect your people, plans & data across all business functions - including finance, sales, production & more.
  • Increase revenues & gain a competitive edge.
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The Financial Risk of Using Spreadsheets for Reporting
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