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Financial & Operational Reporting Software for Manufacturing

Whether your manufacturing business is repetitive, discrete, process, or a job shop, the Synoptix team has specialized expertise in delivering all your key financial and operational metrics. Manufacturers are unique in that they require efficient use of inventory, equipment, and personnel to deliver products. In order to know whether operations and processes are running at peak performance, each manufacturer needs to have quick access to all their relevant key performance ratios.




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What We Deliver

In addition to our expertise in financial reports such your Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement, we specialize in all areas of the manufacturing process and can help you get your key operational metrics. Since our focus is on delivering information in the most suitable format, we can make it available via dashboards, full reports, or even in pivot table-like formats. And no matter what the format, complete drill-downs into the detailed data are always included


Business critical information comes in many forms, but the most obvious and practical are full reports with detailed data and higher-level dashboards with your key manufacturing ratios and other performance indicators. We deliver both.

Managers need to know how efficiently their manufacturing resources are being deployed. Some of the more common and important ratios the Synoptix team can deliver will make this clear so that your managers can make the best decisions.

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FLIR Systems

“Overall, we’ve saved between one to two hundred hours of consulting time alone… Synoptix helps these smart people show their managerial skills and abilities.”

Freeman Marine Equipment

“I don’t even want to think about going back to the way this was done before Synoptix… Synoptix has made my job so much easier.”


“We probably spent 10 hours for our reporting alone. Now all I have to do is change the date and run the report.”

Power Engineering & Manufacturing

“Advanced reporting has given us an important competitive edge in our day to day business operations.”

Federal Foam Technologies
Federal Foam Technologies

“It’s made our processes much more seamless. If we want the details, we can simply drill down and see each order and the order date.”

Cardinal Scale
Cardinal Scale

“As you can imagine, Advanced Reporting has delivered huge savings on paper usage and responsibly reduces our environmental footprint.”


Synoptix has expertise in putting together metrics that matter for manufacturers of all types. In addition to much needed reports on things like yield, on-time delivery to commit, customer rejects, throughput, capacity utilization, compliance, and customer fill rates (to name just a few) here are some examples of key performance ratios we can deliver to help you make more timely and fact-based decisions.

Think Spreadsheets Are Modern?

Consider this. The exact errors we find in financial spreadsheets are found in ancient manuscripts that were physically copied by scribes using the crudest technology. We’ve come a long way only to find ourselves back where we began.

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Considered a business staple, the EBIT margin measures how many cents in earning (before interest and taxes) your company gets from every dollar of sales. Being armed with this and being able to benchmark the company against competitors is critical for continued success.


Manufacturing companies use its assets to produce revenue, and for this reason it’s important to measure its return on net assets. Assessing how successful it is in utilizing assets to develop a profit is one of those key metrics every manufacturer should look at regularly.


Determining the security of the company is the focus on the unit contribution margin. This ratio will measure what percentage of revenue goes to covering fixed costs. A high contribution margin ratio means that a company can more easily cover fixed costs and is at less risk than another with a low contribution.


Inventory turnover measures the effectiveness of your manufacturing process. Because a low inventory turnover ratio means that the company is handling too much inventory and at greater risk the inventory becoming obsolete, this ratio is critical to any manufacturing company.


Efficiently utilization of employees is critical for any manufacturing business. Sales per employee measure the technological efficiency of the firm and tell whether it’s operating inefficiently and whether it has sufficient long term financial leverage.


Because the Synoptix team has expertise in delivering the information you need in the way you need to see it, we can help you no matter what your industry. We’ve developed a highly professional and specialized team in understanding databases and can get you the data you need quickly.

Let our team uncover the insights hiding in your data and get you on the path to better results.

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