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Financial & Operational Reporting Software for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is complex, with many moving parts that can make it difficult to manage. As a manufacturer, you need an accurate picture of your business to make better decisions. The best way to improve control over your financials is by using an automated system that helps you keep track of all your data in real time. Our solutions give you real-time visibility into financial key performance indicators (KPIs) and operational metrics, including general ledger, sales, cash flows, and more. Our financial reporting software for manufacturing is the best solution to track and analyze your financial performance. We help your manufacturing business achieve financial excellence by making it easy to see the big picture, understand your numbers, and make confident, right decisions at the right time.

Generate Accurate, In-Depth Financial Reports and Statements At A Push Of A Button

With our cloud-based financial and operational software, you can generate your financial statements and reports in a few clicks, from the balance sheet to sales by product reports. We offer low-code automation, which means that you don’t have to be an expert in coding or programming to use our reporting software. On top of that, our software allows you to customize your report templates according to your business needs and requirements.

One-Stop Shop for a Complete Financial Management

In addition to our expertise in financial reports such your Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement, we specialize in all areas of the manufacturing process and can help you get your key operational metrics. Since our focus is on delivering information in the most suitable format, we can make it available via dashboards, full reports, or even in pivot table-like formats. And no matter what the format, complete drill-downs into the detailed data are always included Accounts Receivable & Payable – Full integration between your AP/AR modules gives you complete control over cash flow and provides you with real-time data which can be used to make timely decisions on credit limits or collections efforts. Cash Flow Projection And Analysis – Create a cash flow projection based on your business plan and actual results. Analyze how changes in income and expenses affect your cash flow. Profitability Reporting And Analysis – Quickly identify which products or services are making you money and those that aren’t.

Connect and Unify Your Business Data From Any Source Faster Live data connections with any software

Our products work with all major ERP systems and accounting software, providing a single view of your financial data and business’s health in one location. Synoptix financial reporting software integrates with over 250 different ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics GP/Navision.

Streamlined Reporting, Financial Control, and Reconciliations

Our end-to-end financial reporting software for manufacturing accelerates insights into your business operations and helps you make key decisions based on the data generated by your system. From data collection to financial analysis, reporting and reconciliations have been made easier with easier!
  • Simplified Reporting Synoptix financial reporting software gathers data from various sources and formats it into a single report. This reduces the time spent on manual reconciliation required from your end – saving you precious time and resources in the process! This is especially useful if your manufacturing company has multiple branches or locations, as it can consolidate data from each location into one report.
  • Financial Control and Reconciliations Our software enables you to compare your financial figures with those of previous periods, allowing you to identify any discrepancies or errors early on. You can also use it to run advanced reconciliations between different sets of data and Detect discrepancies between them before they become errors. With Synoptix, you can ensure that all of your financial records are up-to-date and accurate at all times.
  • Improved Audit & Control The data generated by your system can be used as proof for auditors during an audit. You will also be able to track all your transactions from one single dashboard, making it easier for you to maintain control over your business.
  • Accelerated Insights The software provides you with all the information you need in one place so that you can make better decisions about how best to manage your finances.

A Glimpse of Synoptix Finance Reporting & Management Software Features

  • User-Friendly Interface The solution uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with a data modeler that allows users to create powerful dashboards and reports quickly and efficiently.
  • No Coding Automation Platform Our no coding automation platform enables users to design, build, and deploy their own financial statement software with no coding required. Just log in and start creating your own reports.
  • Unlimited Users With Synoptix, you get unlimited users for your business. You can easily share information between locations and consolidate data in one central place.
  • Efficient Data Aggregation The platform integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP systems.
  • Multi-Entity Consolidations Our software makes it easy to consolidate data across multiple entities without having to manually enter data into spreadsheets or conduct complicated calculations by hand.
  • Multiple Currencies We offer multi-currency support to allow you to manage your company’s finances in different currencies.

Better Together:
Connect to Any ERP, Multiple Datapoints & Unlimited Users

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  • Increase revenues & gain a competitive edge.
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