Infor Syteline and CSI Reporting Software

Build On-Demand, Complex Infor Syteline Reports That Allow You to Focus on Analysis & Improve Business Performance.

Instant Infor Syteline and CSI Reports. Easy To Use. No IT Dependence.

Create complex, critical financial reports for Infor Syteline and CSI with ease.

Embedded with powerful functionality, our Infor Syteline reporting software provides an easy-to-use spreadsheet-like interface, with a direct connection to your accounts. Using our proprietary technology for Infor, we make it possible for you to unlock the value of your data without the need for additional IT resources or expensive implementation projects. With a single point of entry for all data, our system reduces manual processes and speeds up the preparation of your financial reports.
  • Get a deeper insight into the story behind your data with complete drill-down functionality. You can easily get to the details which make up any total. No more second-guessing.
  • Users are empowered to create the reports they need when they need them, without any IT assistance.
  • Quickly create ad-hoc reports and compare them over time or against industry benchmarks.
  • Create reports from any data source.
  • Monitor & improve your organization’s financial performance in real-time, without going through complex reports every day or week.

Using Synoptix Software, a $100M company can expect a $27,360 annual ROI

Find Your True Cost of Financial Reporting

Pull From Infor Syteline and CSI Software, Any Datapoint.

Create complex, critical financial reports from Infor Syteline and CSI with ease. We use Infor Syteline data to create real-time, on-demand, detailed reports and insights, with any dates, departments, & line items.

  • Synoptix Software provides users with the ability to pull data from any source within Infor Syteline and display it in customizable reports with built-in formatting options.
  • xpand your reporting capabilities beyond the Infor Syteline standard reports. Get a full view of your business with custom reports that can be created and distributed from any location in your Infor Syteline environment.
  • Identify trends over time by creating multiple periods of historical data in Infor Syteline software.
  • Insightful features and customizable options allow you to view your data any way you want. It’s as simple as selecting the source and the format.

Share Infor Syteline and CSI Reports & Collaborate

The ability to share information beyond the numbers is a key feature of Synoptix. Our embedded CollabX technology allows you to share documents, notes, and conversations that live inside your reports all the way down to the detailed level. Decision-makers can be given access to whatever information is important for their respective roles.

Infor Syteline and CSI Reports are easily shareable with your team members, so they can collaborate and work on them together.

  • Access to all data points across your Infor Syteline and CSI environment using one source of truth.
  • Share your reports with others in your organization through a central dashboard—no IT required.
  • Export reports as PDFs, Excel sheets, or any other format that suits your needs best.
  • Collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers on their financial statements to meet regulatory requirements and industry compliance standards.

Fast Implementation & Immediate Benefit

Installation & setup all handled by our tech team – thousands of installs & counting.

Connect to your Infor Syteline datapoints, along with training & onboarding – all in hours, not weeks.

Your first use of Synoptix will include your own completed collection of custom financial reports.

Stop Wasting Time Finding Data, Spend Your Time Managing It.

All the key Infor Syteline and CSI financial reports you need!

Businesses are in the midst of a digital transformation. They are moving from traditional to digital business models and from monolithic to decoupled systems, which means they need more flexible and agile technologies. Our robust financial reporting & budgeting system is designed to generate comprehensive Infor Syteline and CSI reports & budgets and provide a single source of truth for all financial requirements across the organization. If you need reliable, accurate data, Synoptix Software is a single platform for end-to-end financial reporting and budgeting with built-in flexibility and agility.

  • Unify disparate accounting and financial systems into one cohesive system to improve your company’s visibility while reducing costs associated with multiple platforms.
  • Eliminate manual processes and free up valuable resources to focus on other tasks that move your business forward – like strategic planning, managing growth, and boosting profitability.
  • Improve transparency and access to information by centralizing data in a single system and automating rudimentary tasks to boost the value of your financial reporting process.

Better Together:
Connect to Any ERP, Multiple Datapoints & Unlimited Users

We provide connectivity with multiple data points so that you can analyze your business without any hassle! Our platform can integrate with all major ERPs and link to any database, cloud database, or other external databases, such as Excel files or SQL Servers. Plus, it’s designed to be flexible and easy to use, so you can configure it to meet your specific needs.

  • Flexible configuration options for both transactional and analytical reporting.
  • Ability to view and analyze any data point anywhere in the Infor Syteline and CSI environment, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Unlimited users with a single license.
  • Easy installation and implementation.
Financial Software for ERPS clients using synoptix financial reporting software

Experience The Synoptix Platform For Yourself

Accurate and up-to-date financial information is essential for any business. And the ability to produce complex reports quickly is key to running a successful company. Unfortunately, many accounting systems are too rigid or outdated to provide the flexibility that today's businesses need. That's why we developed a comprehensive Financial Reporting Software for Infor Syteline and CSI — so you can get the most out of your data while saving time and money.

See how Synoptix’ Business Intelligence can transform the way you view, plan & run your organization:

  • Empower your team with real-time visibility into all of your data for the best decisions.
  • Connect your people, plans & data across all business functions – including finance, sales, production & more.
  • Increase revenues & gain a competitive edge.
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Key Features

  1. Access Anywhere
    Access your data from any location via the internet.
  2. Financial Closes & Management 
    We simplify the financial close process by providing a single platform for consolidation and year-end closing tasks across multiple entities. Our solution is designed to support multi-entity group reporting requirements so that users can consolidate data from multiple entities into one report that meets internal or external compliance requirements.
  3. On-Demand Financial Reporting
    Your finance team can create customized reports and dashboards on demand. Also, efficiently distribute reports across your organization and share them with partners and customers — all without sacrificing security or compliance!
  4. Easy-To-Use Interface 
    Our reporting software has an intuitive interface that makes it simple for even new users to create high-quality reports without much effort. We also offer training sessions so that you can learn how to use our software quickly and efficiently.
  5. Advanced Filtering Capabilities
    Don’t waste your time searching through multiple spreadsheets and databases. Instead, filter any report based on different parameters and specific criteria, such as date range, location, and department, so only relevant information appears on the report itself.

The Financial Risk of Using Spreadsheets for Reporting
It's costing your organization more than you think.

Download Spreadsheets-The Corporate Secret Killer & What to Do About It to better understand its inherent errors, how to manage quality control & overconfidence, with detailed solutions on improving spreadsheets in financial reporting.

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