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Ellucian Reporting Software

Build On-Demand, Complex Ellucian Reports That Allow You to Focus on Analysis and Improving Your Institution’s Performance.

Instant Ellucian Reports. Easy To Use. No IT Dependence.

Create complex, critical financial reports for Ellucian with ease.

Embedded with powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, our Ellucian reporting software provides an easy-to-use spreadsheet-like interface, with a direct connection to your accounts.

Get a deeper insight into the story behind your data with complete drill-down functionality. You can easily get to the details which make up any total. No more second-guessing.

Users are empowered to create the reports they need when they need them, without any IT assistance

Pull From Ellucian Software, Any Datapoint.

We easily connect to Ellucian databases from any record within your organization. We use Ellucian data to create real-time, on-demand, detailed reports and insights, with any dates, departments, & line items.

Share Ellucian Reports & Collaborate

The ability to share information beyond the numbers is a key feature of Synoptix. Our embedded CollabX technology allows you to share documents, notes, and conversations that live inside your reports all the way down to the detailed level. Decision-makers can be given access to whatever information is important for their respective roles.

Fast Implementation & Immediate Benefit

Installation & setup all handled by our tech team – thousands of installs & counting.

Connect to your Ellucian datapoints, along with training & onboarding – all in hours, not weeks.

Your first use of Synoptix will include your own completed collection of custom financial reports.

Stop Wasting Time Finding Data, Spend Your Time Managing It.

The Financial Risk of Using Spreadsheets for Reporting

It’s costing your organization more than you think.

Download Spreadsheets-The Corporate Secret Killer & What to Do About It to better understand its inherent errors, how to manage quality control & overconfidence, with detailed solutions on improving spreadsheets in financial reporting.

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