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Synoptix Business Intelligence Report Writing Software

Robust data analytics software solutions designed with your data in mind.

Complex Reporting Made Easy

You need a powerful data analytics software solution created for your data, company and reporting demands. Fully featured and designed without needing to rely on IT, you get easy access to the data you need when you need it. All in real-time and with complete drill-down functionality. No matter the source. Synoptix can integrate to multiple ERPs, spreadsheets and data points.

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Remove IT Dependence

  • Easy Installation
  • Instant Reports
  • Direct Connection to Any Database and/or Source
  • Create Complex Reports Without IT


  • On-Demand Customized Reports
  • Real-Time Data Analytics
  • Budgeting Made Easy
  • Smart Dashboards Highlighting KPIs

Flexibility & Data Access

  • Schedule & Automate Reports
  • Drill-Down Into Transactional Details
  • Drag & Drop Simplicity
  • Simplify Consolidations & Eliminations
  • Faster Metrics

Connect Your Team & Data Within Your Reports

  • Streamline Team Communication
  • Upload Support Documents
  • Schedule Reply Due Dates
  • Store Conversation Threads
  • Improved Business Performance

Need more control over your data?

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Financial Reporting Designed For Your ERP

Synoptix seamlessly integrates with over 140 different ERP systems along with any datapoints within your organization.

  • Eliminate IT Dependence
  • Custom Build Your Own Reports
  • Team Collaboration Within Your Reports
  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Budgeting Made Easy
  • Dashboards with Key Performance Indicators

Cloud or Local Installation & Setup Done By Our Tech Team—thousands of installs & counting

Connect To Your ERP/Datapoints, Along With Training & Onboarding—all in hours, not weeks

Create Custom Reports—in hours, not months

CollabX: Get the Story Behind the Numbers

Synoptix software includes CollabX, a dynamic tool that allows you to see the story behind the numbers & streamline your communication between departments within your reports. You can upload supporting documentation and add conversation notes & important comments all around each & every balance. You can even schedule due dates for your recipient to reply.

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The Financial Risk of Using Spreadsheets for Reporting

It’s costing your organization more than you think.

Download Spreadsheets-The Corporate Secret Killer & What to Do About It to better understand its inherent errors, how to manage quality control & overconfidence, with detailed solutions on improving spreadsheets in financial reporting.

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