Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting

Planning for tomorrow has never been easier & more accurate than it is today.

Simplify & streamline your entire budgeting process with the ability to handle rapid change easily & deliver unparalleled accuracy.

Synoptix breaks down information silos & aligns planning across your entire organization.

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What Does Synoptix Deliver?

Simplicity & Ease-Of-Use

Discover a user-friendly interface that makes it possible for anyone in your organization to create complex budgets & forecasts, without the need for IT.


Our software grows & adapts to your unique needs. You don’t have to model your organization after the software, Synoptix instead models your organization.


Handle rapid budget changes easily with Synoptix’ embedded “Change Engine” and “What-If Analysis” tools which allow you to see the impact of any changes before you make them.

Seamless Integration

Eliminate the hassle of manual data transfer. Synoptix connects to your current systems, including any ERP systems, spreadsheets & other data sources.


Trust in the absolute precision of your budget and forecast data with a single source of truth.

Cost Effectiveness

And you get all these benefits without breaking the bank. Our solution combines functionality and value, making a significant positive impact on your ROI.

Instant Visibility

Real-time, actionable insights for making the best decisions.

Streamlined Communication

Create custom departmental budgets, involve more decision-makers, track approvals & improve collaboration across the board.

Competitive Advantage

Adapt swiftly to change, see immediate financial impacts, drive profitability & stay ahead of consumer demand.

Why Is Synoptix Better?

Automated Top-Down & Bottom-Up Approach

Synoptix incorporates the best of these two processes using Top-Down corporate strategic executive goals, coupled with the ability to operationally manage and adjust projections, using pertinent field knowledge of customer strategies and critical business drivers. The understanding of how business drivers affect one another is vital in decision making.

Reforecast Easily

Present new forecasts based on more accurate or pertinent market data to best determine the financial impact on your business, including cash flow projections and financial status.

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Make Financial Planning & Analysis Easier

7 Must-Have Strategies To Make Budgeting & Planning Easier

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Better Together:
Connect to Any ERP, Multiple Datapoints & Unlimited Users

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Experience The Synoptix Platform For Yourself

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See how Synoptix’s Financial Planning & Analysis can transform the way you view, budget & run your organization:

  • Empower your team with real-time visibility into all of your data for the best decisions.
  • Connect your people, plans & data across all business functions - including finance, sales, production & more.
  • Increase revenues & gain a competitive edge.
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The Financial Risk of Using Spreadsheets for Reporting
It's costing your organization more than you think.

Download Spreadsheets-The Corporate Secret Killer & What to Do About It to better understand its inherent errors, how to manage quality control & overconfidence, with detailed solutions on improving spreadsheets in financial reporting.

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