Infor Visual Financial Reporting

We at Synoptix Software are committed to helping managers shape business growth strategies. Our feature-loaded proprietary technology for Infor VISUAL ERP Integrated Financials delivers actionable insights, allowing managers to anticipate trends and plan accordingly to build a future-ready business.

Get Your Financial House in Order With Synoptix

With Synoptix’s Infor Visual Financial Reporting, you can view your actual cash flow whenever you want and predict future cash flows based on current trends and forecasts. Our tool allows managers to compare financial results for different periods and see how the situation has changed over time. Users can modify reports to show only certain time frames. They can drill down to the source transaction effortlessly. This drastically reduces the time required to close the books for an accounting period. The tool also removes compliance headaches.

Infor Visual Financial Reporting Tool by Synoptix: An end-to-end Solution 

Our advanced financial reporting solution allows users to create reports on demand. The tool has a user-friendly interface that connects directly to your chart of accounts. It enables you to visualize your data and analyze every cost element. Our tool easily connects to any database. Synoptix’s feature-rich financial reporting solution ➢ Allows you to share documents, notes, and snippets of conversations with just a few clicks of your mouse ➢ Comes equipped with various features that allow users to turn raw data into actionable insights ➢ Helps maintain total data visibility ➢ Improves collaboration between different departments, including sales, finance, and production ➢ Connects to all your data sources, such as Excel, ERP systems, and spreadsheets ➢ Overcomes the shortcomings of spreadsheet ➢ Allows you to view your data the way you like ➢ Enables people with no IT background to create insightful reports ➢ Manages currency conversion

A Complete Financial Management Suite 

Our proprietary technology for Infor VISUAL ERP Integrated Financials allows you to view business transactions across different entities and sites and access consolidated financial data. The tool generates a plethora of data that managers can use to prepare financial statements and create budgets. It improves production visibility, so managers can quickly adjust production schedules based on the availability of resources and client orders. Flexible production scheduling improves operational efficiency. Managers can instantly find out if the company is making or losing money on an assembly or job. They can evaluate the labor and material costs of each assembly and take corrective action if required.

Improve Your Business Financial Management 

Our financial reporting tool efficiently handles business data and shares valuable information hidden in transactional data. Managers use business data to identify potential future challenges so they can adapt processes as business conditions and regulatory environment change. Managers can easily compare financial performance across the enterprise. Synoptix can help businesses ➢ Reduce reporting costs ➢ Ensure compliance with global financial standards ➢ Reduce errors ➢ Improve financial transparency, and ➢ Achieve data consistency  

A Wide Range of Services 

Installing your a href=””>financial reporting software, connecting it to your data points, training your team, onboarding new software, creating custom reports, you name it-anything you need or want, we can do it. Are you struggling to drive efficiency with your dated tools? Let us help.

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  • Increase revenues & gain a competitive edge.
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The Financial Risk of Using Spreadsheets for Reporting
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