Advanced Reporting for M2M

At Synoptix Software, M2M ERP Advanced Reporting delivers instant access to the data you need for making critical decisions.

M2M software solutions generate a plethora of raw data. Advanced reporting for M2M is an optional addition to M2M and Intuitive Manufacturing software. Its purpose is to help present data in a meaningful format. The module has various tools that managers can use to generate useful reports and perform consolidations. Advanced Reporting unlocks the full potential of M2M and Intuitive manufacturing software.

There are several benefits of advanced reporting for M2M. Users can leverage the drill-down functionality to get a detailed and granular view of datasets at the push of a button. Advanced reporting for M2M can help prevent human errors and reduce costs.

M2M and Intuitive manufacturing software are powerful tools that generate critical data for businesses. Often users struggle to efficiently convert this data into actionable analytics. They need help organizing and processing data, and that’s where Synoptix’s Advanced Reporting for M2M comes in.

Synoptix’s Advanced Reporting for M2M: A cut Above the Rest

Synoptix Software offers seamless advanced reporting for M2M solutions. Our tool seamlessly integrates with your ERP database to deliver interactive reports that can be made available to anyone who needs them from anywhere at any time.

Our built-in reporting templates allow even amateurs to build financial and operational reports using drag and drop. Loaded with advanced features, our Advanced Reporting for M2M allows users to combine data from different sources so it can be viewed in one place.

Generate Custom Reports Effortlessly

Advanced Reporting is integrated with the M2M reporting database allowing users to generate customized reports effortlessly. These reports can be used to gain quick insights into business performance, decide what changes need to be made and choose a course of action.

With user-friendly and highly visible dashboards, gages, charts, and other interactive tools it has never been easier to view and track mission-critical KPIs.

With Synoptix’s Advanced Reporting for M2M, creating enterprise reports is as easy as creating standard spreadsheets. Scheduling functionalities allow users to create, publish and share reports with team members as needed. Advanced Reporting for M2M offers several analysis tools that can be used to streamline reporting so the managers have information they need to make better decisions faster.

Advanced Report Writing Services

M2M report writing is a highly specialized and time-consuming task. If you decide to write business critical reports internally, your employees may struggle to make time for their most important tasks. They may make costly mistakes that can have a huge domino effect. 

Our highly qualified consultants can cost-effectively write M2M reports for you, allowing your employees to stay focused. Every detail matters. Our experts do not skip over any details, no matter how minor they may seem. They watch out for report writing errors and follow best practices. 

We can also rewrite M2M custom reports. 


Is your team struggling to create reports out of Advanced Reporting for M2M? We can help. We offer employee training. The main objective of the training program that run is to 

Why Synoptix? 

Synoptix Software offers a full range of consulting services. Our Advanced Reporting for M2M delivers invaluable insights. Our team offers round the clock technical support to businesses.

Our Team  

Our team consists of seasoned professionals with hands-on experience developing user friendly reporting tools. They continuously stay on top of the industry trends and have a deep understanding of different types of reports that top management needs to make business decisions. They are able to visualize innovative features to improve the functionality of our reporting solutions.

Best of Class Support 

Even the best tool can develop a technical snag. We offer best of class support to ensure client businesses can get their issues resolved no matter what day or time it is. We create eLearning videos on demand to support learning. These videos help users better understand the capabilities and features of their software.

Our Expertise  

Our developers have years of experience creating robust tailor-made software solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs. We strive very hard to meet or exceed client expectations. Our envious track record, professionalism and deep understanding of the software development process set us apart.

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