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Synoptix Transforms Budgeting & Forecasting With New Release

Posted on:  May 15, 2021

South Jordan, UT – Synoptix, the leading developer of business intelligence and financial reporting software, has released a powerful new budgeting & forecasting module that revolutionizes the way users create budgets and plan. Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting ensures planning for tomorrow is easier and more accurate than ever.

Synoptix’ Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting is designed to handle rapid change easily and deliver unparalleled accuracy.

“We are excited to launch these new capabilities to more easily automate users’ budgeting, forecasting, and planning. This tool was built for changing times – including those of recent global economic uncertainty. As we all know, many organizations were forced to scrap their annual budgets, which took months to build, for new ones. Users can now change their budgets on the fly with complete certainty of accuracy.”Dr. David Andersen, Synoptix President

With a direct connection to any data source(s), including spreadsheets or multiple ERPs, Synoptix simplifies the complex financial planning and analysis process. Fully featured, without needing to rely on IT, users get access to all of their data on-demand, with complete drill-down functionality. And in a fraction of the time. This saves countless hours and resources.

In addition, Synoptix automatically distributes reports to team leaders and decision-makers, making sure they have the most relevant and up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Synoptix breaks down information silos and aligns planning across entire organizations with its enhanced collaboration technology. Now teams can create their budgets, involve more decision-makers, track approvals, and improve accuracy and communication across the board.

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