Synoptix Proud to Participate in Utah Banner Users Group (UBUG) Conference 2021

Posted on:  May 4, 2021

South Jordan, UT – Synoptix, the leading developer of business intelligence and financial reporting software, and proud partner with Ellucian – owner of Banner ERP, is privileged to participate in this year’s UBUG conference on May 7th. This year’s event will be in person at Southern Utah University in Cedar City. UBUG began as a way for Utah colleges implementing Banner ERP software to share information. It’s since become an annual event, giving users the opportunity to network, learn, and engage with each other in person. This year’s event will be following all state and local guidelines for masks and social distancing. Synoptix will be hosting a booth in the exhibit hall and presenting the following session:

Are Banner Data Dumps & IT-Centric Solutions Holding Your Institution Back From Financial Success?

Information is key in successfully navigating today’s financial landscape. Enterprise applications, although powerful, rely heavily on IT to extract information from Banner. Waiting on IT or sorting through endless data dumps are not financially sustainable options long-term. Join us to take a look at alternative solutions for how to obtain the critical insights you need to make the best decisions for your organization. According to Dr. David Andersen, President of Synoptix, “It’s more urgent now than ever that colleges and universities have visibility into the financial health of their organization. We are excited to be a part of this event bringing our transformative solutions in the areas of reporting, budgeting, and planning to Utah’s Banner ERP users.” Synoptix was designed with the needs of the higher education industry in mind. With direct integration to Banner ERP, and any other data source(s), including spreadsheets, Synoptix simplifies the complex reporting, budgeting, and planning processes. Fully featured, without needing to rely on IT, users get access to all of their data on-demand, with complete drill-down functionality. And in a fraction of the time. In addition, Synoptix automatically distributes reports to team leaders and decision-makers, making sure they have the most relevant and up-to-date information at their fingertips. For more information on Synoptix and how it can optimize your organization’s financial health and cut your reporting and budgeting times in half, visit: For more UBUG Conference information and registration details, visit:

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