Financial Reporting Software Designed for Colleges & Universities

Transform your reporting, budgeting & planning

  • Instant access to real-time data with custom reports & dashboards.
  • Direct connection to your higher education ERP & any other data source.
  • Designed for your Business Office & without the need for IT dependency.
  • Save time & costly errors from using spreadsheets for your reporting.
  • Simple drag & drop report building.
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Improve Your Financial & Operational Reporting

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Financial Reporting Software Designed for Higher Education

Synoptix offers a highly specialized solution for Business Offices in higher education. Unique in its laser focus, Synoptix is the only company that can satisfy the needs of the Business Office with unparalleled expertise. While there are many analytics products that address other departments within the institution, Synoptix alone brings the right tool for Controllers and the appropriate knowledge to solve the specific problems facing the Business Office. We can dramatically cut your reporting costs and free your people up to better serve students and guarantee their success.

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What are some challenges with higher education reporting software?

The vast amount of accounting offices, in fact about 80%, use complex spreadsheets to create and maintain financial reports. Data indicates that back offices spend up to two weeks compiling financials every month, with labor costs spiraling upwards of $5,000 per month or more. And that’s just for core reports such as Income Statements and Balance Sheets, and doesn’t include other important reports such as Departmental Budget to Actual or any other non-general ledger report.

Easy Integration with Any ERP System, Including Popular Higher Ed Tools:

  • Ellucian Colleague
  • Ellucian Banner
  • Ellucian PowerCampus
  • Jenzabar EX
  • PeopleSoft (Oracle)
  • Work Day

Over 250 universities trust Synoptix for their financial reporting

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In our 9 minute demo overview video, you’ll quickly see how Synoptix can improve your reporting workflow and provide business intelligence for your organization.

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Better Together:
Connect to Any ERP, Multiple Datapoints & Unlimited Users

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See how Synoptix’s Financial Planning & Analysis can transform the way you view, budget & run your organization:

  • Empower your team with real-time visibility into all of your data for the best decisions.
  • Connect your people, plans & data across all business functions - including finance, sales, production & more.
  • Increase revenues & gain a competitive edge.
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The Financial Risk of Using Spreadsheets for Reporting
It's costing your organization more than you think.

Download Spreadsheets-The Corporate Secret Killer & What to Do About It to better understand its inherent errors, how to manage quality control & overconfidence, with detailed solutions on improving spreadsheets in financial reporting.

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