Synoptix Provides Reports in a Fraction of the Time

Superior Van & Mobility needed more meaningful information in shorter amount of time.

Superior Van & Mobility

Superior Van & Mobility provides mobility solutions for the consumer and commercial transportation industry

Since 1976, Superior Van & Mobility has served as a dealership for handicap accessible minivans and mobility products. While growing to nine locations, in four states. Like most growing businesses, their processes and needs have evolved with an expanding and ever-changing business environment.

Synoptix has been able to provide reports in a

fraction of the time

it took to do the same thing in spreadsheets.

Prior to working with Synoptix, Superior Van & Mobility was creating rolling income statements that involved a whole lot of cutting and pasting.

To help with this, Open System’s ERP software, TRAVERSE, has been important in tying their various locations together so that their internal processes can support healthy growth. Yet like the majority of companies, they were trying to create more complex financial reports for their various stores in spreadsheets.

Tony Ohlmann, Corporate Controller, says that he was creating a rolling income statement showing the last 13 months of activity, and a store location P&L with that same rolling format. “But that involved a whole lot of cutting and pasting and about 4 hours of my time. After doing that once, I said I’m not doing that again. What I wanted was store and location P&Ls to share with our location managers, but after doing it manually I knew it was nuts and that there must be a better way.” Creating reports in a spreadsheet proved to be very time consuming and had to be reinvented every time.


  • Existing reports limited in flexibility
  • Reporting with Excel time consuming and redundant
  • Needed multiperiod rolling income and P&L reports
  • Needed on demand information for highly incentivized store managers
  • Needed more meaningful information in a shorter amount of time


Installed Synoptix financial reporting software for month-end and store location P&L reports.

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Superior Van & Mobility’s reports were limited to just the month-end financials before implementing Synoptix.

What they really wanted, however, were reports that people could access prior to the end of the month to see how they’re doing, while there’s still time to make adjustments and react.

Provide your managers with even more information and autonomy when they need it most.

So to extend the advantages of implementing TRAVERSE as their ERP, Tony selected Synoptix as his financial reporting tool. With a real-time connection to TRAVERSE, Synoptix has been able to give them their month-end and store location P&L reports in a fraction of the time it took to do the same thing in spreadsheets. No more cutting and pasting since all they do now is open reports and run them directly from the TRAVERSE database.

“The response of our store managers,” says Tony, “has been very exciting. Because our people are significantly incentivized, they were starving for this information. They need to know how they’re doing compared to others, and what needs to be done to increase their own and the company’s bottom line before the end of the month. Synoptix empowers them with exactly that.”

Tony now plans to provide his managers with even more information and more autonomy. “They should be able to answer their own questions in many instances. And so the next step with Synoptix will be allowing them to run their own reports on demand, and be able to drill down and see what’s underneath the numbers. That alone will probably answer 80% of their questions. From there, I know there’s some dash-boarding abilities that we’ll look into, and a number of ways to slice and dice sales analytics.”

Tony notes that his experience working with the Open Systems-Synoptix partnership has been just what he needed, when he needed it. “You guys have all been there, ready to move as fast as I’m ready to move. It’s been great.”

Eliminate wasted time and innefficient redundancies

Create reports with more flexibility

Synoptix provides on-demand, timely and meaningful reports for store managers.

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“The response of our store managers has been very exciting. Because our people are significantly incentivized, they were starving for this information.”– Tony Ohlmann, Corporate Controller, Superior Van & Mobility

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