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Saved countless hours with Synoptix. It’s proved to be a performance enhancing tool that’s enabled us to get the right information at the right time.

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Cardinal Scale markets a complete line of quality weighing products and systems.

Looking to maximize the efficiencies gained from implementing Aptean ERP, they chose Synoptix to gain complete visibility into their key performance indicators. The Regional Managers started by analyzing important customer purchasing trends. “Synoptix allowed us to create booking reports that broke down information by customer type, or customer and item number,” notes Larry Hicks, Cardinal’s Vice President of Operations, “that showed us month-to-month, month-to-date, and previous year-to-date information. Not only were we able to quickly create these reports, but our IT Director really ate it up and started doing things we hadn’t even thought possible. Since then, we’ve created around 350 reports!”

We reduced our printing output, and

minimized our environmental footprint

by filtering needed info on the screen.

Prior to implementing Aptean ERP and Synoptix, Cardinal Scale utilized a 20-year-old MRP system.

They had customized reports that could get data, but without much flexibility. And to get just the right information they would print out a 150 page report and place sticky notes on the 5 or 6 pages with the actual information they needed. But Synoptix offered a game-changing contrast with its powerful filtering capabilities. “We put filters in by customer,” elaborates Hicks, “by customer type, by product family, and by individual product or item number, and quickly realized that the data we were searching for didn’t require the entire report. So this gave us the ability to look at just the information we were after without having to wade through piles and piles of data. It was a huge time saver.”


  • Custom reports from 20-year-old legacy system offered very little flexibility
  • Were printing 150 page reports to get 5-6 pages of the information they actually needed
  • Were having to laboriously wade through piles of data
  • Had to run separate reports for each database
  • Could not get the right information when they needed it
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Dramatically reduce man hours in your multiple database environment.

Cardinal Scale has also been able to dramatically reduce man hours in their multiple database environment with Synoptix’ consolidation functionality. Running a corporate database out of their headquarters in Webb City, they also maintain separate databases in each of their branches in Miami and Atlanta, as well as in their warehouses in Canada and England. Where separate reports were once needed for each database, Synoptix has provided the flexibility to dynamically select one or more databases when running reports. Hicks says, “Our ultimate goal was to pull all those separate reports together, which we’ve successfully done. You can click on a single database and run an Income Statement, or click on all of them and get a nice consolidated Income Statement.”

Cardinal Scale gained detailed analysis of the data behind the numbers.

Once those reports are run…

the Drill Down capabilities of Synoptix allow for detailed analysis of the data behind the numbers. With the ability to create powerful summary reports, users can simply double click for details without having to create another detailed report. “Click on a number and – boom – up pops all of the detail. It’s really eliminated a lot of time and a lot of waste. That’s been a huge benefit for us.” View our Sample Reports
“Overall, we’ve saved countless hours with Synoptix. It’s proved to be a performance enhancing tool that’s enabled us to get the right information at the right time. I’d highly recommend it to any company seeking to streamline their processes and get business-critical information in a timely manner.”– Larry Hicks, VP of Operations at Cardinal Scale
On an average day, Cardinal Scale has about 85 to 90 users on their ERP system, with about 40 shop floor terminals that are doing labor reporting throughout. “A lot of our users don’t even know that Synoptix exists because we’ve tied all the reports into the menu system. Our users can simply go into the ERP menu system and run a booking sales report, and Synoptix executes the report seamlessly in the background. It’s really transparent to our team members – they don’t know the difference between an Aptean or a Synoptix report.”

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Synoptix delivers on value. Not only will it take your reporting process from weeks to just minutes saving thousands of dollars per month, but it will allow users to simply double click on balances for detailed information rather than having to ask the Business Office. Let’s see how your business intelligence reporting can be improved. Schedule Your Customized Demo

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