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Create Greater Organizational Efficiency

Automating processes for financial reporting saves time and money

Synoptix helped SWTJC create its financial reports by querying the information from the database and then manually creating and maintaining them in spreadsheets.

Southwest Texas Junior College (SWTJC) is a regional, two-year institution serving an eleven county area that stretches from the Texas Hill Country to the US-Mexican border. The main campus is located in Uvalde, a city of 15,000 located in the foothills of the Texas Hill Country. Including four additional campuses and instructional facilities, SWTJC has more than 5,600 students.

Now I can just tell Synoptix to go in and automatically

generate the board reports for me

saving a huge amount of time.

SWTJC Needed A Reporting Solution With Greater Organizational Efficiency

In an effort to extend the benefits gained from implementing their ERP system, SWTJC chose Synoptix as their financial reporting solution to streamline their reporting processes, and create greater organizational efficiency. Tarski says that before Synoptix a board report would take a day-and-a-half every month. With Synoptix the process has been completely automated. “Now I can just tell Synoptix to go in and automatically generate the board reports for me. The time savings have been huge.”


  • Streamline reporting processes
  • Create greater organizational efficiency
  • Reduce errors and redundancies
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The Extensive Drill Down Features They Were Looking For

Anne Tarski, Associate Dean of Finance, found Synoptix made getting into the details of the general ledger easy with its extensive drill down features. “The drill down feature has really been helpful, especially when I have someone in my office with a question on their expenses or accounts. I can quickly drill down and say, ‘This is what happened’.”

Running monthly reports at SWTJC has been greatly simplified

In addition to their monthly reports…

SWTJC has been able to create a daily cash report. With so many banking accounts, SWTJC needs to know who paid what bills, how much came out of the payroll, and what was going where. “That report is extremely helpful to me,” she says. “I can come in in the morning and say, ‘OK, this is what happened yesterday’. It’s been such a huge help.”

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Streamling the Reporting Process From Beginning to End

Tarski notes that once the reports have been written, she can now easily run them by department, fund, individual, or whatever else is necessary, all without having to re-write each report. “If you have to set it up every time, that’s not helpful. The great thing about Synoptix is that it eliminates this hassle completely.” So when there’s a meeting with a division chair, for example, she knows the appropriate reports are already written and available for use. “All I need to do is run and print the reports before I head into the meeting,” she explains.

Commenting about the Synoptix training, Tarski points out that the trainer was “absolutely fabulous. We had our training one day, and the very next day we were writing our own reports, which allowed us to actually start using them immediately after.” SWTJC was able to jump right in and enjoy the benefits of Synoptix almost immediately. “I would whole-heartedly recommend Synoptix for an institution’s financial reporting needs, as well as the training that Synoptix provides,” she says.

Is Synoptix Business Intelligence Software Right for You?

Synoptix delivers on value. Not only will it take your reporting process from weeks to just minutes saving thousands of dollars per month, but it will allow users to simply double click on balances for detailed information rather than having to ask the Business Office.

Let’s see how your business intelligence reporting can be improved.

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The Financial Risk of Using Spreadsheets for Reporting

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