What is a Business Intelligence Dashboard?

Posted on:  February 1, 2021

Business Intelligence Dashboard When it comes to business intelligence, the more information you collect the more successful you’ll be in the long-term. But that data can be a little overwhelming, which is where business intelligence dashboards come into play. At Synoptix, we’ve helped many clients collect the data and insight they need, then organize it into an easily digestible format with our business intelligence dashboards.   Here is some more information about their uses and benefits.

What Exactly is Business Intelligence?

  Before diving into the details, let’s touch upon precisely what is business intelligence. According to professionals, business intelligence is the ability to present collected facts about a business in a way to guide actions toward a specific goal. In the simplest of terms, it’s the information that guides both the short and long-term decisions of a business.

What is a Business Intelligence Dashboard?

  A business intelligence dashboard is where all that important data and insight is collected and displayed, using custom KPIs, metrics, and other data points to create visualizations. It turns that abstract data your company has collected into concrete, measurable performance visuals. By combining the right business intelligence with dashboards, your team will have an at-a-glance view of performance indicators.

How to Create the Best Results for Your Dashboard

Dashboards enable users to create custom results based on specific parameters. They can be tailored to answer questions across all departments and verticals of your business. Firstly, you’ll need to clearly identify the questions you want answered to create a base for steering the results and design of your BI report. Remember, your goal is to find the answers that are hidden in your data and display them in the simplest manner possible, then distribute these among your personnel.   The key goal of BI dashboard reports is to provide team members with a quick visual baseline of the results and goals of your particular campaign, department, tactic, etc. that can then be used to make future decisions for your organization.   Contact us today for more information about business intelligence dashboards!   If you want to hit the ground running this year, learn more about how to collect the right data and insight from Synoptix. Contact us online today or call 1 801-254-4503 for a FREE DEMO.

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