How To Be A Financial Reporting Superstar In Your Company

Posted on:  July 19, 2019

Financial Reporting Superstar 1 If your job involves financial reporting in a large company or organization and you want to get ahead FAST, this blog is your ticket. Synoptix software will put you on the fast track to genius, superstar status. And likely earn you some time off, as this solution will give you hundreds of hours back in saved time once spent on reporting. Whether you’re the CEO, CFO, or a Department Manager, you want custom financial reports when you need them; not days (or weeks) later when IT completes them.

Ditch The Spreadsheet Spiral

Our experience has proven that much of financial reporting is still done with Excel spreadsheets. Spreadsheets have value, but because of their inherent limitations, they simply can’t meet the demands of modern-day financial reporting requirements. One big drawback is that they create IT dependence for gathering much of the data, whether it’s from your ERP system or another application. And then, as you likely know, you’re left spending unnecessary time trying to clean up and manipulate the data – not to mention the risk of breaking the formulas linking your sheets together. All the while leaving decision-makers waiting in the balance without a complete view of their business performance. This costs the company in more ways than just money.

Superstar Solution

What if you could get custom reports in a spreadsheet-like interface that’s empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, AND get to it without ever needing IT? That’s just one of the many benefits of Synoptix’ financial reporting software. Our success is driven by making it easy to create the financial reports you need. With less time spent creating reports, you and your team are left with more time to analyze them. Better reporting leaves you with better decisions. With access to the most vital information, companies are able to make the best decisions possible to help them grow and be successful. Case in point: Synoptix customer John Warner, President of Power, recalls that “there were a lot of times that we just didn’t have reports created for the type of information we needed at the time; and because of the time it would take us to create one, we simply did without. But it’s hard to make fact-based decisions when you don’t have the right information at your disposal when you need it.”

Direct Connection To Any ERP

Your ERP is a valuable tool, but likely doesn’t support custom and real-time financial reporting. Our software integrates directly with your ERP and gives you access to business-critical data. In an instant. We can connect to any ERP or accounting system. You name the datapoint, we’ve got you covered. Using an intuitive drag and drop approach, we give you the familiar look and feel of a spreadsheet with complete drill-down capabilities into the details. No more second-guessing numbers.

Share Reports & Collaborate

The ability to share information beyond the numbers is a key feature of Synoptix. Our embedded CollabX technology allows you to share documents, notes, and conversations that live inside your reports all the way down to the detailed level. Decision-makers can be given access to whatever information is important for their respective roles.

Easy & Fast

Speed is of the essence when you need your reports. We can give you a quick implementation process to get you up and running in just a few days. Your first use of Synoptix will be with your own completed custom financial reports. We’ll do all the heavy lifting and then train you how to create additional ad hoc and custom reports – without IT! If your job depends on getting relevant financial data into the hands of decision-makers, give Synoptix software a test drive through one of our powerful demonstrations. We guarantee you’ll be impressed with the depth of features, ease of use, and the speed with which you can develop new, custom financial reports. Schedule A Custom Demo to Learn More

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The Financial Risk of Using Spreadsheets for Reporting
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