8 Handy SAP Business Objects Reporting Tools Every Business Must Use

Posted on:  August 22, 2022

SAP Reporting Tools Business users often require their reports to be custom-made to visualize data using interactive dashboards, maps, and charts to get a better investment return. When it comes to cutting-edge analytical and reporting tools, SAP BusinessObjects has some of the best available. With a wide range of BI products that are perfect for any size of business, there’s no reason not to use them in your organization. These reporting tools can help you better understand your data, gain insights into your company’s operations, and make more informed decisions.

What is SAP BusinessObjects BI? 

SAP BusinessObjects refers to the suite of business intelligence and analytical applications designed by SAP for reporting, analyzing, and consolidating data from multiple sources. To put it simply, this product is a collection of constructs, concepts, and patterns that can be used when dealing with information in the form of reports. This premier business intelligence SAP reporting tool package has out-of-the-box solutions for any requirement and ensures better efficiency as well as productivity. The architecture is based on data processing and mining concepts, which makes SAP BusinessObjects Reporting an ideal tool for dealing with large volumes of data. In addition, it’s perfect for people who are not experts in query writing or database manipulation.

Are SAP BusinessObjects Reporting Tools Effective?

Yes! BI tools help users extract data from SAP Business Objects and databases where other systems fail to do the job. The tools give users the ability to discover hidden patterns and correlations in the data collected from different sources. These insights can ease your work troubles, help you identify new opportunities, make strategic decisions, improve customer experience, and stay on top of your company’s performance.

8 Sap BusinessObjects Tools You Should Leverage Today

  1. SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (WebI) is a powerful reporting and manufacturing budget software that allows users to create interactive reports and dashboards with a rich set of visualizations. It enables you to access and analyze forests of data from all sources, including SAP and non-SAP systems, and build ad-hoc or scheduled reports effortlessly. In addition, the software comes with an extensive library of pre-built templates, which makes it easier for users to create their own reports. The tool is designed for use by non-technical people who need to create business reports and dashboards. In addition, manufacturers can use this gizmo to track costs, monitor performance, and predict future results.
  1. SAP Crystal Reports
Crystal Reports is one of the most popular SAP reporting tools in the world that use SQL and ODBC/JDBC connectors to interact with the HANA database. With this tool, you can create rich interactive reports, charts, and dashboards quickly and easily using drag-and-drop functionality, Excel-like expressions, or SQL Scripting. From income statements to balance sheets, the software comes with several pre-built templates and wizards, which can help users save time while building their own reports. Many businesses use it as an extension of their manufacturing budget software as it helps with forecasting trends, budgeting, and ad hoc reporting. In addition, they can get a detailed breakdown of costs for each product or service, including material, labor, and overhead, to make a profit on each item.
  1. Universe designer (IDT/UDT)
Universe designer (UDT) is an advanced SAP reporting tool that allows you to create universes based on data sources such as OLAP cubes, relational databases, and spreadsheets. UDT lets you define all the necessary attributes, elements, and connections between them and add measures from various data sources into one universe. It also allows you to use the same dimensions in different universes. You can customize your universe by adding dimensions, hierarchies, and attributes not only from your source database but also from other universes.
  1. SAP Lumira Visual Analytics
Lumira Visual Analytics can be considered as a more advanced version of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence. That’s because it offers more analytics capabilities, such as predictive analytics, trend analysis, and forecasting capabilities, and provides an entirely new approach to exploring your data through interactive visualizations. This SAP reporting tool enables you to find relationships within your data that would otherwise be impossible to see through traditional analysis methods. It offers pre-built templates that make it easy to get started right away – just choose one and start customizing it by adding your own datasets or changing the look & feel of each page. In addition, you can gain a complete understanding of your business processes by turning complex data into easy-to-understand visuals like heat maps and bubble charts.
  1. SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation
SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (P&C) is a reliable manufacturing budgeting software and data warehousing solution that allows you to create detailed reports based on your company’s data. This exclusive SAP tool helps you create detailed time-phased budgets, monitor actual performance, and identify potential variances. Additionally, this module is designed to meet the needs of companies that need to consolidate data from multiple sources into a single repository. It’s easy to use and has a drag-and-drop interface, so you can quickly move around fields in the report and create new ones. Bonus: Simple Yet Effective Tools That Take Your SAP Reporting to the Next Level
  1. MS Excel
Microsoft Excel needs no introduction – we all are aware of its existence; however, not many know its true potential. MS Excel provides a BI platform for non-technical users who want to create reports with minimal training or technical expertise. In addition to being easy to use, this SAP reporting tool is powerful enough for even advanced analytics jobs. Furthermore, it integrates with other Microsoft products like Power BI, allowing you to connect it to data warehouses like P&C or Analysis Office (OLAP).
  1. Synoptix Financial Planning & Analysis
Synoptix software is comprehensive and robust business intelligence, financial planning, and analytical tool that can connect directly to the live SAP environment. It provides organizations with a means of analyzing large amounts of data in real-time and creating accurate, insightful financial reports with just a few clicks. With Synoptix, you can extract data stored in your SAP database and source points, view it from multiple perspectives, and make informed decisions based on the info presented. In addition, this tool helps you analyze your company’s fiscal performance across multiple levels of detail and offer customizable charts and graphs for enhanced data visualization. Designed to be easy to use with a simple drag-and-drop interface, Synoptix allows users of all skill levels to create customized reports and dashboards without requiring any programming expertise.
  1. Analysis Office (OLAP)
Analysis Office (OLAP) is online analytical processing (OLTP) software that allows users to perform complex breakdowns on large amounts and sets of data in real-time. This tool helps perform tasks, such as forecasting, budgeting, and reporting, on sales performance over time or across regions. While this solution requires some training to use at the pro level, it still is easy enough for most users to understand without assistance from IT professionals. Whether you want more information on SAP reporting tools or are looking for comprehensive manufacturing budget software, Synoptix Software has you covered! To talk to an expert, call 866.214.6008.

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