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Synoptix offers a specialized solution for accounting offices in healthcare. While there are many analytics products that address other departments, Synoptix alone brings the right tool for accountants and the appropriate knowledge to solve the specific problems that back offices face. We can dramatically cut your reporting costs and save you weeks of lost time.

Cost & ROI Calculator

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We’ve found that companies in the revenue range aren’t a great fit four our product because the accounting systems tend to not have a robust enough database that is a requirement for Synoptix to run optimally. Secondly, the cost of our solution will typically exceed expectations. You might consider a solution more suited to your level of need such as F9 or Biznet. If you’d still like more information, please feel free to call one of our sales associates.

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Year 1 ROI


Here’s How that ROI Breaks Down

We understand getting an exact ROI is no easy task, but we do know what it takes to generate accurate reports. Based on your ERP and financial size, and the reports that similar clients generate, we estimate the below hours. Want to fine tune? Simply enter your estimated hours and it will update.

Reporting Labor Costs Hrs/Wk

  • Creating financial reports
  • Time spent correcting errors
  • Report distribution
  • Cost of Losses, Errors, Etc.

  • Report validation
  • Report research & understanding
  • Time sorting multiple versions of the truth
  • IT Hours

Your Existing Reporting Costs


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We’re here to provide the right solution for your company. If you have questions on how we figured these calculations, or think they may be different for your unique reporting problems, contact us or give us a call at 801.254.4503

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Synoptix is a financial reporting engine that integrates with your existing ERP.

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The data is extracted in real-time to a website interface.

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Our web interface is like a supercharged spreadsheet. It allows you to schedule reports and drill down into financial records.

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This dynamic access to financial data allows decision makers to better control their bottom line, and prevent lost revenue.

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