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Financial Reporting Time Cut to A Few Clicks

Simplified Financial and Operational Reporting Migrates Through 3 ERP Systems

Financial Reporting Solutions

Large Manufacturer Instantly Sees Results

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Reporting is a lot easier now that we have Synoptix.

Now all I have to do is change the date and run the report.

We probably spent 10 hours for our reporting. alone.

Reporting Software That Adapts to Your Environment

A Visual ERP customer since 2011, Kocher+Beck has been utilizing CompuSoft Development’s Synoptix report writer for far longer. In 2006, after implementing another ERP system, they quickly discovered the provided standard reports were woefully inadequate. After discussing their needs with their consultants, Synoptix was recommended as an easy to use, yet powerful, reporting solution.


  • Previous ERP System reports woefully inadequate
  • Over 10 hours per month trying to get the reports they need
  • Needed to see beyond the numbers in order to understand context
  • Needed existing reports to migrate to new Visual ERP implementation
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The Exact Financial Reporting Tool They Were Looking For

Daniel Grammatikos, VP of Finance, found Synoptix to be just the tool they needed. They quickly began utilizing it for both Financial and Operational reporting. He says, “Reporting is a lot easier now that we have Synoptix. We probably spent 10 hours for our reporting alone. Now all I have to do is change the date and run the report.”

Kocker + Beck Created Instant, On-demand Reports:

  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Three different sets of Income Statements
  3. Multiple AR Reports
  4. Customer Account Statements
  5. Daily Sales Reports
  6. View the Report Gallery

“[Synoptix] Definitely ranks a 10” and says he welcomes the opportunity to act as a reference for Visual users looking for a reporting solution

Five years later, when they upgraded their system to Infor’s Visual ERP, they were thrilled to discover they could continue using Synoptix. They found the migration to be a simple matter of importing the reports over to the new database with very few modifications.

Is Synoptix Business Intelligence Software Right for You?

Synoptix delivers on value. Not only will it take your reporting process from weeks to just minutes saving thousands of dollars per month, but it will allow users to simply double click on balances for detailed information rather than having to ask the Business Office.

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