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Financial Consolidation Software

Stop wasting time trying to find your data, spend your time managing it.

Consolidations & Eliminations Made Easy

Synoptix gives you visibility into the consolidated results of your entire organization. No matter the distance between companies. Whether you’re separated by states or countries, Synoptix will:


Access All Data, No Matter The Source

Synoptix connects to all of your multiple data sources – whether from Excel spreadsheets, multiple ERP systems, or other disparate data points.


Simplify Reporting, Without IT

Synoptix gives you the look and feel of a spreadsheet, but without all the headaches. It allows you to bypass inherent spreadsheet weaknesses and easily create, schedule and distribute complex financial reports with any dates, departments and line items. And without IT assistance. No more complicated spreadsheet formulas and the endless hassles they create, because Synoptix pulls your data directly and guarantees a single source of truth.


Bring Your Data To Life

Synoptix provides access to your real-time data, across unlimited companies, with complete drill down functionality to the details of any total. No more second guessing a number.

You can view data however you want to see it. Slice and dice it – whether it’s between different companies, divisions, territories, product lines, etc. You name it. And all with a few mouse clicks.


Handle Inter-Company Eliminations

Synoptix accounts for those necessary eliminations of inter-company transactions and balances by allowing for reporting only journal entries. And you won’t need to do any complicated journal entries in your ERP.


Manage Multiple Currencies & Conversions

Synoptix handles all of your currency conversion needs, using GAAP standards to convert from a foreign currency to your home currency.


Save You Money

Synoptix has a significantly lower total cost of ownership than any other consolidation tool on the market. No IT experts needed to create and maintain your reports. You can be up and running with your own custom financial reports in days, not months.


Improve Performance

Synoptix provides faster metrics and more clear visibility, empowering you to make the best business decisions for your company.

Get Consolidated Results Across Your Entire Organization

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